My Food Shopping Rituals

The supermarket shelves run out of things I like. Poor substitutes are almost always available which is why I stock up on the ones I like. I’m not the only foreigner who likes these particular brands so that means shopping every day. It’s easy to do that as there is a supermarket next to the trike stand I use to get home.

No matter what I’m buying for dinner I first follow the same path through the store looking for Coke Zero, organic soy milk, Weet-bix, non-hydrogenated peanut butter, TP and paper towels. When I find it I buy as much as I can carry, which wasn’t much when my shoulder hurt.

Two days ago I found one jar of peanut butter surrounded by space, the next day one package of paper towels also sitting in a hole on the shelf. I realized I’ve been shopping at the wrong time. I need to hit the markets after the shelves are stocked. Oops. Shelf stocking time is probably a random event in this country.

Dumaguete is a provincial capital but a minor port at best.  We occasionally get freighters. I wonder how the chains which pride themselves on service (MacDonalds, Jollibee) keep supplied.


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