What’s Next

In about a month I’m off to Thailand by way of Kuala Lumpur. KL was on my list of places to avoid. The only airlines that fly Manila to Bangkok ran a promo months ago and sold most of their MNL -> BKK tickets. It’s costing me half as much to go to Bangkok via KL then to go direct.

One benefit is that the Thai embassy in KL routinely gives out 60 day tourist visas which can be extended 30 days within Thailand. After 90 days I have to leave the country to get another visa. Going directly to Bangkok would mean 30 days before having to leave.

I’m going directly to Hua Hin from Bangkok.  From there I’ll travel farther south to check out places most tourists have either never heard of or think of it only as a place to catch a boat to their fabulous white sand beach resort destination.  I’ll also figure out where I want to be for Songkran.

I’ve begun exercise walking and stretching my leg muscles again. Thailand + my budget = guesthouses. They don’t have elevators.


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