How Not To Travel ;-)

I had everything set to go the next morning before I went to sleep. I’ve used the same packing checklist for short trips in this country for months now. I have enough experience that it has all the essentials and some optional items that depend on the nature of the trip. I went to sleep secure in the knowledge that all I had to do in the morning was get cleaned up and move my razor from the bathroom to my shaving kit.

I woke up, rolled over, rolled over again and then one more time to confirm what I already knew. It would be a bad idea to travel today. I sent a couple of texts and downed an ibuprofen.

I mentioned in my last post that I would have to start exercising and stretching to handle the stairs in Thai guesthouses. So far I’ve walked one day, rested a day, then walked yesterday for 5 minutes more than the first time. That’s not the problem. I also stretched all the major muscles and may of the minor ones. I thought it was light stretching, I thought I was just waking up the muscles to get them ready for some serious stretching in a few days.

That may be the case, but right now I”m so sore I don’t want to spend 3 1/2 hours in a bus seat designed for somebody a lot smaller than me. I’ll go Wednesday. I won’t stretch Tuesday.


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