Random Stuff with Photos for Feb.

Cafe Noriter, my favorite internet cafe. Six PCs on the left wall, about 30 more upstairs. I almost always get one in this room. The white stairs on the right lead to the upper deck of a study area.

This calf keeps getting loose. I think our lawn is more appealing to him than the weeds he usually eats.

I wondered how small ranchers got their live chickens to market.

This cloud often appears at the same time of day, in the same place, in much the same shape. There are two geothermal plants up there, I’m guessing it comes from one of them.

Logo on side of stand selling ears of corn ready to eat. Does it look possessed to you?

Stock pots used for seats.

Another job I’m glad I don’t have

Stiffler’s mom?

More at Dumaguete Feburary album.


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