Proof My Fitness Sucks

I can’t show you a picture of a beer belly, that’s not how I measure fitness. Besides I suffer from chronic slimness.

I’ve been deluding myself about how much incidental walking I was doing each day. My heart and legs have deteriorated far below what I want them to be.

Finding places to walk without being threatened by traffic and enveloped in diesel fumes has been difficult. When I first moved in I tried the road that runs by my apartment. Narrow road plus morning traffic meant too scary for me. Trikes make up most of the traffic so no diesel problem.

Over the months I’ve learned how to play chicken with traffic and now see that they will move over and give me room when walking on the road as long as I hold my ground. The knowledge that my budget means guesthouses with stairs in Thailand means I’ve been walking at 6:15 am every other morning.

So, what is the proof? On my last walk I was approaching the point where I switch from fast walking to cool down, pleased that I have upped my duration to 40 min (started at 25 min three weeks ago). My landmark is an elementary school. As I passed a Sari-Sari store a group of kids left and began walking in front of me. My workout pace was their walking to school pace.

The other proof (resting pulse, time to recover from workout) doesn’t make for stories. But it does tell me that I’m at the age and in a situation where it would be very easy to go couch potato. I will fight the spud.

Even if I don’t need it for stairs, I need to maintain cardio, do something that works the major muscles, and stretch. I used to stay in shape for my sports and for the health benefit. Now I need to do it just for my health.


One Response to Proof My Fitness Sucks

  1. Novie says:

    You a couch potato? Never! Good walking weather here – crispy – threat of snow. Mt. Charleston ski area will not close until the end of April and Red Rock is covered with snow today. Dodging traffic sounds like fun…haha

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