Christmas in March

The funished apartment came with a range and refrigerator but nothing else in the kitchen. The first few weeks I stocked it with a minimilist set of the usual stuff. When I gave notice I was leaving I told one of the helpers that they would have first pick of anything I left behind.

I invited them in last night for the goodie grab. Everything was in the kitchen. I told them anything on the counter to the left of the sink or on the two shelves above was theirs for the taking. I had to explain three times, not because we didn’t communicate, but because they were so surprised. Once it sunk in that they could have as much as they wanted their faces lit up like kids on christmas morning.

The both had relatives and were sure somebody, somewhere would need a rice cooker or flatware or some Melamine cups,bowls and dishes. They took almost all of it, leaving the food and most of the non kitchen items. Jeeze, I can’t even give away my CD case sized magnetic chess board.

Leticia (on the left) and Chona.


2 Responses to Christmas in March

  1. bart says:

    Hi Bill,
    I have been following your adventures and find it all very interesting. I couldn’t handle the high humidity or the other 3rd world problems but it comes with the territory. Sure would be nice to get out of the cold. Hope Thailand goes well for you. Thai food is good if you like spice. (we do) It sure is amazing how many differences there are in culture. I work with a lot of Mexicans and notice it.
    Miss you at autocross, tomorrow is event 2. I finally have a handle on the Corvette. I usually am faster than Rick while nowhere near Marvin. Still in the middle of the pack and running street tires.

    Best wishes,

    Bart Freevol

  2. fourletternerd says:

    Hi Bart!

    Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    I thought I’d have trouble with the humidity but I also thought the heat of Vegas would be difficult. The body adapts. This is my second tropical summer and it’s subjectivly much less intense than the first one.

    You beat Marvin and I will fly back to Vegas to personally host the celebration. I miss both the driving and the drivers.

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