Hypoglycemia + Severe Nausea = Bad Times

This story starts six days ago in the Philippines.

My hypoglycemia means I can’t fast without getting weak and dizzy. Two days before flying to Kuala Lumpur (KL) I woke and knew I’d had some bad food. One bite of a saltine gave me a wave of nausea so I ate nothing all day. Water went down easier but one litre wasn’t enough for the walking I was doing in the heat.

Late afternoon I forced down a few bites of fruit. Asked for the check, wondered if I was going to make it outside before puking. Isa the waitress looked very concerned and asked if I was OK. I said I need to go lie down and started on the 100 foot walk back to my room.

Got about 15 feet before the lightheadedness and pins-and-needles type tingling in my forearms and lower legs told me that I needed to get down before I fell down. Isa had not taken her eyes off me. Her quick reaction and call for nearby employees to catch me saved me from a splat.

Lying down in air con didn’t help so I went to the ER. Doc said my blood tests were normal and that the combo of low blood sugar, dehydration and food poisoning was a good explanation for the faint and slow recovery.

I could have avoided this if I’d remembered to drink some Sprite or 7-Up. I can handle those when nauseous and the sugar would have kept my blood sugar from crashing.

Was able to walk out unaided 4 hours after arrived. The stomach problems cleared slowly over the next day and my food consumption slowly increased. I felt fine by noon on the third day, my first full day in KL. After the Thai embassy visit, I headed for Little India where I had an excellent meal.

Later that evening I knew I’d gotten some more bad food. No drama this time, but it effectively killed most of my interest in exploring KL until the last afternoon and evening. I did drink a lot of Sprite.

The low point was the RN botching her first attempt at putting in an IV. Second attempt worked, but it hurt as much as the first. Highlight was being treated like family by the resort owner and employees.


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