Stairs. Lots of Stairs.

Went looking for less expensive lodging this morning. I had two roads to walk, planning to stop at each guesthouse. Out early so sun and heat would take less of a toll. I bypassed the ones with shared toilets (I get up too often to pee at night, but that’s TMI) or no air-con or more than 800 THB (~ $25) a night.

Murphy’s law and common sense meant that most of the empty rooms were on the top floors (3rd or 4th). Some were grim, some were OK but with horrible mattresses, one was a keeper except all the noise from the popular restaurant-bar on the ground floor clearly reached the 4th.

I was halfway down the second road when my legs said that was enough for today. I’d climbed enough flights that I was going to regret it this evening. I already had a fallback location I’d checked out the previous afternoon. I was at an intersection that I knew took me back to my hotel area. (I think I can recognize several of the tourist ghetto street names, but like most guys who visit here, there is one street name that I am sure of: Poonsuk Rd.) I was ready to call it quits.

I’m glad I didn’t. The next place was a keeper. Big, airy, opening windows for cross ventilation, a view, a decent mattress, friendly owner couple and all the amenities I wanted (satellite TV, fridge, hot water, WiFi) plus more. Price is 50 THB higher than my cutoff but so what. My Philippine costs were so far under my daily average target that I should recalculate to see what my new target is.

If you think that sounds like a possible upcoming post, you’re right.


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