Thai Visa Run to Kuala Lumpur

This is a common forum and blog topic. I’m writing because there were things I encountered that I hadn’t read about. If you don’t know the difference between a Tourist Visa and a visa exempt entry stamp (commonly, but incorrectly, called a ‘tourist visa’) then you don’t know why over 100 people were in Malaysia that day to get a Thai visa.

Taxi driver will know embassy row, but may not know Thai embassy. Going east it’s just past the VW dealer, which is across the street from a Proton dealer. On the two days I was there it was the only embassy with a crowd outside the gate.

The nearer you are to the small gate next to this big gate, the sooner you will finish. When it opened the semi line became a blob, but an orderly blob. Spread your elbows.

Gate guard gives you a form, go stand in line in front of this door and start filling it out. Got a pen or two and something to write on? Once through the door turn right and get a priority number from the machine.

I paid fee using Ringgits. I have no idea what other currencies, if any, are accepted.

Embassy sites say what documents are required but that they may ask for unspecified additional docs. I brought just about anything anybody had ever been asked for but all they wanted was the form and two 4cm x 6cm color photos. I was not asked for an onward ticket at either the embassy or at airport immigration.

Pickup is next day and takes a few minutes. Bring your priority number from yesterday or you will be told to wait while those with numbers are served. Taxis are waiting, hoping to get a fare to the airport.

Ampang Park is the closest rail station to the embassy.

Want to be let through the big gate before the small gate is opened? Those let through first had babe in arms or were pushing a baby stroller or were on crutches. I wonder how easy it is to rent crutches. Will a cane and a big foot bandage work? 😉

Here is a generic Thai Tourist Visa application form. The only difference between this form and the one I filled out is that this form doesn’t say its for the KL embassy.


One Response to Thai Visa Run to Kuala Lumpur

  1. Mike says:

    Great info for the KL tourist visa. Trying to decide between that and Vientienne. Cheers

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