Made Deposit on an Apartment

It’s the tall building set back from the beach.

It didn’t take long which is just as I had planned. Found the place
online before leaving the Phils. It’s a condo development gone bust, meaning they couldn’t sell enough of them so it’s a few privately owned condoes and the rest is run as an apartment complex. The apartment is small, generic, inexpensive and the location is OK. I’ve committed until the end of April. By then I should have scouted out a better place, if need be.

Pluses: Elevator, view, big pool, ocean is about 300 yards away, 8000 THB a month ($ ~250) plus water and electricity. Cheap enough that I can leave it empty while exploring thailand.

Minusus: 2 km south of the center of town. On the main north – south road so public transit (taxi, motorcycle taxi, tuk-tuk or songthaew.)
will not be a problem. Going into town at night may mean more waiting than I want to but the other way will be no problem. Even with a rental motorcycle (1000 THB a week, $ 30) it’s still inexpensive compared to a guesthouse. The GHs that met my refined sensibilities were 800-900 THB a night.

I move in on the 25th.

Another photo, for those of you in a Z-axis state of mind.


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