Air Asia

Low cost airline. Recommend for short hauls only.  I’m 6′ and found the seats uncomfortable with limited recline.  They did seem to operate efficiently.

Warnings. Check where the airport is in your destination city.  They use some out-of-the-way ones. I’ve read their excess baggage charges can be unbelievable.  The web site says that the charge is an unspecified percentage of the listed price of your ticket per excess kilo. They offer the ability to pay for excess baggage in 5 kilo increments for a reasonable rate when you buy your ticket.

One problem with Air Asia isn’t their problem.  Their web site for online check in requires Internet Explorer 7 or later.  Many internet cafes in the Phils are still using IE 6 and Firefox is just as old. I had trouble finding a net cafe that had both a printer and an appropriate browser version.  One can check in at the airport, but it’s faster online.

My trip to Kuala Lumpur was my first flight originating from a Philippine airport that was not on a Philippine based airline.  When the cabin crew started the safety talk I located the exits fore and aft of me and went back to what I was doing. I was half listening, but I’m pretty sure the flight attendant asked the passengers not to throw their trash on the floor.


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