Chicken Rice

My appetite tentatively returned before my last night in Kuala Lumpur. I wanted something bland so as not to antagonize a stomach that wasn’t fully recovered. I ordered a dish called ‘Chicken Rice’. Boiled chicken, steamed rice made with chicken broth, cup of soup made from the broth plus radish and green onions, some chilled cucumber slices and two sauces on the side. Sounded harmless enough, if I skipped the sauces.

Oh. My. God. How can something so simple taste so good? My taste buds went home to a place they have never been before. It’s perfect.

Yesterday at breakfast I picked up a discarded copy of a Bangkok newspaper. There was a review of a new Bangkok restaurant that specialized in Chicken Rice. They reviewed it because it was Shanghai style instead of the usual Hainanese. The review said (KMG is an abbreviation of the Thai name for the dish):

Though it is Chinese in origin, KMG hasn’t stopped the Thais from embracing the [dish] for just about any occasion. In fact, you may also notice that it’s one of the very few things in the country that hasn’t been changed or ‘fusioned’ in any way. That’s because KMG in itself is everything you need.

i agree. I’m still looking for the dish in Hua Hin.

One Response to Chicken Rice

  1. Ellen says:

    I *love* boiled chicken but any more I usually only make chicken soup twice a year.

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