Hash House Harriers

I tried the Hash House Harriers (AKA HHH or H3) in Cebu. They’re a worldwide non competitive running/walking social club with a drinking problem. For various reasons, didn’t stay long enough to earn a nickname. That is probably a good thing as “some go out of their way to make the name as bawdy, scatological, or offensive as possible. Many kennels go out of their way to give politically incorrect names.“.

I expect to stay committed to exercise and that means a lot of walking. There is a weekly HHH run/walk on Saturdays starting at 5pm, alternating between Hua Hin and Cha Am, the next town up the coast.. I don’t think I’m in good enough shape to handle one without regretting it the next day. I’ve been doing walking and swimming workouts on alternate days since I moved in, should be ready for a Hash soon.

Every chapter/kennel of the HHH has a unique name. I wonder how long it took the folks in Hua Hin to name themselves H3H2?


One Response to Hash House Harriers

  1. Don Tetley says:

    Took about one minute:
    H ua H in 2 H’s
    Hash House Harriers 3 H’s

    So, H2H3

    On On


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