In Search of Protein

Thai food doesn’t have an abundance of protein, so I’m concerned about getting enough. About the only way to get 4 ounces of animal protein at one time is to order a whole fish, which is more food, protein and cost than I want.

Street vendors sell a meal of fried chicken, sticky rice and a mild hot sauce, all in plastic bags. It’s a one person operation on a cart or in a stall. He sells just those three items and only does it in the morning.

‘Sticky rice’ doesn’t mean it’s surface is sticky, it means the stuff is all but glued together in a single clump. It sticks together well enough that the rice can be put in a disc shape, then two such rice pieces are used as the ‘bread’ of a sandwich.

I know several chicken stands/carts but have kept looking for one that is less greasy, closer to home, has light traffic plus easy parking, and is run by someone who doesn’t have ridiculous Farang pricing. Headed out in a new direction this morning and found one that I’ll return to.

What is Farang (foreigner) pricing? Locals pay 20 THB (~ $0.60) for rice plus a thigh or breast, 30 if the meat is a leg + thigh or breast + wing. I’m OK with a 10 THB Farang tax. An asking price of 50 THB for rice and a thigh at one place made me laugh out loud.


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