How Many Summers to Heat Adapt?

I moved from Southern California to Vegas in 2005. The locals said it took until the third summer before the heat was no big deal. That’s how it worked out for me.

I’m hopeful it takes me less than 3 summers in SE Asia. During afternoons in the first summer I usually sought air conditioning. At the beginning of my second summer a fan is usually enough, even though it’s now warmer in Hua Hin than it ever was in Cebu by 4C (~ 7F).

At home it’s actually a fan plus cross ventilation. When I open the patio door and prop the front door open, there is a cross flow breeze. Usually a substantial one. Sometimes papers and plastic bags start flying around the room.

Wind comes in the balcony door,

And goes out the front door. Photobucket doesn’t allow free accounts to embed videos so you’ll have to paste the URL below into a new browser tab or window to see a 12 second video of the effects of wind in my apartment.

It’s interesting to see the various ways people prop their doors open. Some use a chair, some a security chain, I use a pair of sneakers. No complaints yet about the odor. The condo owners usually have a lockable security screen door and leave their wooden doors wide open.

People on one side of the building have to keep the wind from opening the front door, on my side the force tries to close it. The prevailing wind direction changes to offshore during the rainy season. I have no idea what will do to the direction of air flow through my unit.


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