How to Eat Pickled Crab

Many places offer the ubiquitious papaya salad in multiple variations. I tried one with pickled crab. I received small pieces from small crabs. There were some single legs with claw, some pieces were a group of the three other legs attached to a bit of the body. The longest legs were shorter than ~2.5cm (1 inch). Was there enough meat to bother trying to extract? I picked up a claw leg and pulled it apart at the joint to see.

It squirted, although maybe ‘fast ooze’ is more accurate. Squeeze the legs and a jet of white crab meat escapes from the end, kind of like an itty bitty toothpaste tube. Or like popping a reptilian zit. I liked pickled crab so I squeezed and sucked.


2 Responses to How to Eat Pickled Crab

  1. Tony says:

    I was thinking how nice the crab sounded till you said “like popping a reptilian zit”… Somehow I have just lost my appetite for crab 🙂

    • fourletternerd says:

      Heeheehee – just the sort of reaction I hoped for. I’m expecting my sister to go ‘Ewwwww…’ when she reads it.

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