Harp: Scales

Frustration meant I was practicing less. I went online to find alternate explanations for what I was trying to do. Bingo. More importantly, I also found tips on how to deal with beginner’s most common problems, the same ones that were frustrating me.

I tried another technique for playing single notes and it works. Still getting a lot of blended notes, but had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment in the second session with the new technique. It’s not just how I shape my mouth, it’s also where I position the harmonica.

Yeah, I know, that’s blindingly obvious, but not to me when I was focusing on making a mouth hole that’s no wider than 4mm. Single notes just got a lot easier. I can now sometimes do a two complete scales in both directions without any blended notes.

An instructor would hasten the learning but I do like the satisfaction of realizing my own breakthroughs.

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