Honda Summer Fest @ Hua Hin

The festival is at Khao Takiab beach, a few kilometers south of Hua Hin. It’s the area surrounding the rocky outcrop shown below. I’ve yet to walk all the way there but have made it as far as a white stone tower indicated by the arrow in 35 min. (Photo taken from beach in front of my apartment building.)

The third annual Jazz festival will be held on the beach there tomorrow from noon to midnight. I expect it will be a great for people watching and taking photos, but I won’t be going for the music. Can’t stand any form of Jazz that came after Swing.

For the first year of the festival the promoters underestimated how many people would come by a factor of three. They responded by doubling the size of the facilities for the second year but again underestimated the crowd size by a factor of three. It’s a free concert so there is no way of knowing how many people will show up tomorrow. We do know:

1) The promoters are consistent in their underestimation of crowd size,
2) They predict 200,000 people will attend this year,
3) Most of those will arrive from Bangkok will do so by one road, the one my apartment is on.

I’m glad I travel by foot and scooter.


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