Random thoughts not worthy of their own post.

  • I don’t want to over tax my shoulder when swimming laps so I keep track of how many I do and increase it slightly the next time.  Hard part is keeping count while in the water.  I’ve settled on an alphabet word game, e.g., think of foods that start with ‘A’ on the first lap, ‘B’ for the second lap, etc.  This morning I tried to think of animals.  Stopped at the turn because it bothered me that I couldn’t think of any type of animal that began with an ‘N’ before I went ‘Do’h!’ and kept swimming.
  • The  mosquitos (Aussies call the mozzies), biting flys, no-see-ums all like the way I smell.  I hope DEET really is harmless because I’m now using it daily.
  • When I was a kid in a Southern California beach town a certain type of tan was called a ‘Farmer’s Tan’: face, neck and forearms.  I’m developing a ‘Scooter tan’.  Forearms and thighs are perpendicular to the sun and they’re getting noticeably browner.  I gotta figure out whether to put the sun screen on before ofter the DEET.
  • I was typing the word ‘expats’ and made a mistake, creating ‘expants’.  Now if I could just think of a setup to use that pun as a punchline I’d be set.
  • Having hypoglycemia and not much of a sweet tooth means I pay little attention to donuts.  Something caught my eye in Kuala Lumpur.  Their jelly donuts have flavored glazes, including, you guessed it, peanut butter.  I’ve never heard of peanut butter and jelly donuts in the states, why not?!?  Almost made me want to try one.

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