Received a 30 Day Visa Extension

[Edited May 11] I’m looking at having my Tourist Visa changed to a Non-Immigrant Type ‘O’ here in Hua Hin, in which case  I wouldn’t need a visa run.  There are additional things I need to do to get the Non O, but more about that later.

I have to be out of the country by June 14, so I’ll be doing a Visa Run. Now I have to decide which country, mode of transport (bus, train or fly) and if I want to go through Bangkok.

Kota Bahru, Malaysia is number one on my list for three reasons. The most important is that the consulate issues double entry visas. (It would probably be confusing to explain why I wanted a double entry visa instead of a single entry. I do, and there are not many places in SE Asia that issue them.) It seems like an interesting place to spend a few days, and I can catch a train in Hua Hin (HH) and take it to within a couple miles of KB. The train has sleeper cars, I’m tempted to do this just because I’ve never been on a long train ride before.

But I’d also like to go to Bangkok to do some shopping. The town has a service center for my brand of camera. Maybe an internal lens cleaning will get rid of the spots and I can get back to decent quality photos without buying a new camera. I’d also like to buy a proper laptop. I can do that in HH but the prices are lower and the selection much better in Bangkok.

It’s easy to find stories and advice about the details of visa runs from towns in thailand with significant numbers of foreigners. Not so for HH. Many foreigners here have retirement visas or the visa one can get if married to a Thai citizen. Google helps, but it’s up to me to weigh time, comfort, cost of the bus/train/plane choice and what town I want to be a tourist in for a few days. This will keep me busy for a few days.


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