Some Adaptations to the Heat

Surviving summers in Vegas required adapting habits created in Southern California. The tropics needs different habits.

  • First thing I do when returning home in the afternoon is change into swim trunks and go jump in the pool. I could go into the ocean, but the pool has a lower temperature. I hang my clothes from the morning on the balcony clothes line. It’s breezy in the afternoon, so they’ll be dry before the evening. I suppose some people would actually change clothes, but I have a poor sense of smell. Besides, the bug repellent I use before going out at night masks other odors.
  • I don’t like salty food. When I lived in the states, the only time I would set out a salt shaker at home was for guests or when I was eating corn on the cob. Here I add salt because of the sweat loss. The weather has turned hotter and I gradually noticed something about adding salt: I could barely taste it. The light bulb went off and I began salting until I could taste it.  I soon saw reductions in thirst in the same situations compared to a days earlier.  My body was telling me something, I just had to know how to listen.
  • I’ve stopped using some restaurants for lunch because their fans are inadequate for my delicate constitution.
  • On the weekend, crossing the main north-south road usually involves sitting way too long in the sun at a stoplight while a cop manually cycles the lights to give priority to the substantial north-south traffic. I plan so as to avoid it.

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