Feeding Monkeys on the Hilltop

We bought 2 kilos of rambutan, a fruit I’d never eaten. The bag hung from the hook below the front of the scooter’s seat, forcing me to ride bow-legged. Tintana rode behind me, a bag of bananas in one hand and me in the other as we motored up the steep road.

I visited Khao Hin Lek Fai viewpoints on my first trip to Hua Hin. It was OK. The ride up and down was more fun than the long walks out to the several viewpoints. I didn’t see a single monkey. This time I was going with a local. She assured me there would be monkeys and no long walks.

Next to the motorcycle parking area is an unsigned trail that goes to a broad stone hilltop. On the way up I tried one of the Rambutans. They’re good. They look kinda like a small red Tribble with a green punk haircut crossed with velcro hooks. Great panorama to the south, but couldn’t see anything to the north. That’s ok, we were here for simians, not sight-seeing.

(The closest building is pink with a blue roof. Look straight up from there to a yellow tower on the coast, that’s where I live)

The first monkeys arrived shortly after we began ascending the rock part of the hilltop. They kept their distance. We tossed a few fruits and it was like somebody rang the dinner bell.

Other people arrived with the same plan as ours. One couple brought a huge bag of sliced bananas and several 2 litre bottles of water. The beasties went for the water with almost the same intensity as the fruit. They broadcast the bananas so the feeding around them was docile.

Everyone else was tossing whole fruits. Each munchie missile was fought over, sometimes picked up and dropped several times before the victor scampered out of sight with his prize. I was trying to toss fruit to the little guys, the lame, the moms carrying babies and the pregnant. Most of the time some big ape got it. Next time I’ll bring pre sliced stuff.

Then we ran out of fruit. The monkeys bunched up in front of us and started chattering.

Until now they’d mostly been silent. I saw their teeth, contemplated rabies, heard the noise and then became a tad uneasy when I remembered The Birds. (And the Simpsons parody of it when Homer picked up Maggie from the day care center, but that’s another story. Actually the best part of that episode was when Maggie broke into a locker to retrieve all the kid’s confiscated pacifiers, set to the theme song of The Great Escape, but I digress from a digression. Nerds are like that. At least we can usually find our way back.)

I expect I will be back to feed the critters or at least to take photos of others feeding them. Next time I wake up at 5:30 I’m heading up to watch the sunrise if there are good clouds on the horizon like in this photo.

Yep, I’m having fun.


One Response to Feeding Monkeys on the Hilltop

  1. Ellen says:

    Something about the monkeys disturbs me, not sure what…

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