Day Trip to Pranburi

Fourteen years ago on a visit to Pranburi the king and queen saw that a large area of wetlands had been all but destroyed by shrimp farming. They immediately set about restoring the mangrove forests. Twelve years later the park opened.

Sounded like an interesting place to visit but it seemed that at the wrong tide, time of day, or season it could just be a hot boring stroll along an elevated walkway among spindly trees. I also wasn’t keen on the idea of risking a scooter breakdown 30km from Hua Hin in a sparsely populated area where there was little reason for anyone to know any English. Figured I’d visit when somebody else wanted to go with me.

It was a hot walk among spindly trees. Saw many crabs, a few distant birds and this thing (fish? amphibian? Teenage Mutant Ninja Tadpole?) that looked like it could take a big toe off in a single bite.

The company was good, so it was anything but boring.

Pranburi is located at the mouth of a river. Fishing boats fill it’s harbor. It makes the Hua Hin based fishery look small time. I want to find out when the boats head out and return, then come back for a photo session. Tintana’s brother owns a fishing boat so should be easy to get the info. Who knows, maybe I can get a ride one night when they go fishing.

Pak Nam Pran is the beach nearest to Pranburi. A road runs along the coast with resorts on the inland side and a row of shacks and stands between the road and the beach which compromises the view from the road. That’s good because there is less reason for drivers to take their eyes off the road and the beach is monotonously the same for km after km.

A few of the resort hotels had pools that fronted the road with many guests hanging out. Most of the other hotels looked deserted.

Few tourists meant that most of the beach front businesses were closed. That made it easy to find some shade for rest, rehydration and walking off some of my butt soreness from riding a small bike for too long.

For our next rest stop we found an unoccupied vacation home on the beach road, pulled in and plopped down on their shade platform (I forget the real name). Hung out, took a nap, and let the hottest part of the day go by.

A little after three we climbed back on the butt numbing Kawasaki 130 to go get some lunch at a place Tintana knew. The food was excellent, except for the rubbery deep-fried fish-like patties that she thought were fine.

Thunder rumbled and we could see the advancing rain squalls as we headed for home. Our route back was indirect. When heading west, drops from the leading edge of rain caught us, when heading north we outran it.

One of my motivations for retiring early was that it would give me more options because, as I joke, most of my body still works most of the time. I was pretty tired at the end of the day. A good nights sleep and some caffeine means that as I write this I’m ready to do it again – after a full day’s rest. Or two.


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