Intro to Kiteboarding Lesson

Wasn’t planning on trying this until the end of the rainy season when the wind conditions become predictable. I’ve done enough waiting for the weather in various sports to not want to do that again.

The two kiteboarding shops between my apartment building and the beach stepped up their competition for customers during the double whammy of the season of poor kiteboarding weather and the situation of tourists avoiding Thailand because of the political violence. One offered a free Introduction to Kiteboarding lesson so I decided my shoulder was in good enough condition to handle some dry land kite flying.

I was mostly right. The muscle soreness lasted longer in the formerly frozen (left) shoulder and left elbow than in the right one or my back. That there was any elbow pain convinced me to not do this again until shoulder and arm are 100%, which I expect will be by the end of the rainy season.

The lesson was what I expected. First I was shown how to fly a 2 meter version of the kite. (The smallest full size version is 10 meters.) A small kite is used so the beginner doesn’t get yanked off his feet into a face-plant. I owned and flew two-line stunt kites in the mid ’80s. My kites had rigid frames, this one had no frame, so I had to learn to deal with more lag time in the control response.

The instructor put the baby kite away and we pumped up a 10 meter. The wind too variable so it stayed grounded. I left after waiting about 90 min.

The shop has not contacted me about finishing the lesson. This is how they compete for customers?


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