Packing Tiny Things

(I’m pretty bored to be writing about this. There is one more hour to kill before it’s time to head for the train station.)

Fitting everything for the 5 night trip to Penang into a regulation sized airline carry-on bag means taking only what I need. Where do I put a tablespoon of salt? My only small containers are pill bottles and those are already in use.

I need it because gargling with salt water helps if and when I start to get a sore throat. I’d rather have some salt on hand just in case.

Much of Thai food has no calcium, so most days I buy a cup of yogurt at the 7-11 I pass on the way home. I have spoons at home, but I’ve given up trying stop the clerk from giving me a plastic one with every purchase. I have a surplus of tiny plastic spoons. Wrapped in plastic. Bingo.

I push a spoon out of it’s wrapper, big end first. Pour the salt in then tie a knot. The plastic is flimsy, so I put the first bag inside another and my problem is solved.


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