Penang Visa Run Days 1 and 2

Nineteen and a half hours on the train. The floor kept moving for several hours after getting off, just like after spending time on a boat. Seat and bed were comfortable, temperature was OK, company was good. I arrived much less tired than the last six hour bus ride I took.

Three foreigner men got on at Hua Hin, including myself. One was an old hand at the Penang trip, the other has lived in HH for 8 years so I learned quite a bit. Us newbies followed the veteran to his favorite visa agent. I had all the docs he asked for, paid the fee and will return on Tues. afternoon to pick up my passport. Until then it’s tourism, shopping and proabably some World Cup viewing.

I don’t expect to post any trip photos until I get back to HH.


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