Fish Heads

Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up

The good Doctor went off the air on June 6 after 40 years of warping minds. I haven’t listened to him since the middle ’80s, but part of me is sad. If you don’t recognize the song lyrics, they you obviously are not now, nor have ever been demented.

Photo taken at Indian restaurant in Penang, Malaysia


4 Responses to Fish Heads

  1. susiekew says:

    Dr Demento!!!! I still sing that song. People look at me like I’m brain damaged. I wonder why … 😀

  2. susiekew says:

    Sing along with me…

    In the morning laughing happy fish heads
    In the evening floating in the soup! 😛

  3. susiekew says:

    oh CRAP!!!!!

    Now I can’t get that damn song out of my head.

    I hate you …

    • fourletternerd says:

      Mission accomplished. 😉

      Three days ago Devo released their first album in 20 years. What is on it that they had to wait for Dr. Dememto to stop broadcasting?

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