Penang Visa Run Days 3 and 4

Day three was first full day in Georgetown (commony called Penang, which is actually the name of the island). Saw some sights in the morning with the aid of the free bus that loops through the historic portion of town. Chinese architecture doesn’t do much for me, but I do like the details. Shot many photos, kept some of them.

Morning temps were pleasant in the shade but the day soon turned into one that required buying 500ml of something cold every 90 minutes just to keep up with the sweat. Napped in the afternoon to get out of the heat and pay back the sleep debt from the train ride.

Sometimes I aid my afternoon nap by eating a slug of something sweet so my hypoglycemic crash will make the eyelids flutter and drop. Between heat and sleep debt I didn’t need any help. But there is a 7-11 across the street from the hotel, so I ate a bag of cookies just because they were there.

Indian food was my choice for both lunch and dinner simply because I’ve liked it for decades and it’s better in Malaysia than any place i’ve been. Spent the evening watching World Cup, enjoying a beer and doing some people watching all at the same time.

I’m not a football (soccer) fan, but have seen enough to recognize the appeal. The tension builds and ebbs like a Hitchkock movie. There is also a large element of chance, e.g., a team that was dominated in all aspects of the game but was down only 1-0 scored a late goal and was estatic to escape with a draw.

Day four was shopping for things I either can’t find in Thailand or might be cheaper in Malaysia. Also looked at cameras but will make my purchase in Bangkok. It rained a lot in the afternoon, so sitting in the front of a backpacker guesthouse with a cold one and a book was entertaining. As was overhearing bits of the youngun’s conversations and watching them flirt. I hope they were not talking about the nearby creepy old guy(s).

Picked up my passport and the new visa. More about the implications in a future post.


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