Bought a Motorcycle Helmet

And I’m relieved.   A helmet from the bike rental place has had to do.  It’s pure crap and doesn’t fit.  Leaves a red mark on my forehead, but it’s better than nothing.

I all but gave up looking in town for a decent helmet.  Local brands made for Thai skulls that are rounder than mine. Plus my noggin is XL and nobody carries anything bigger than a Large. Nothing fit at any of the helmet shops.

Today I decided to give the motorcycle shops another go round. Found one that fit.  Thai helmets don’t have to meet any known standard of crash worthiness. I figure better fit, greater coverage and a face shield is far better than what I had.  An added bonus is that it doesn’t smell like sombody else’s sweat.

Still planning on looking for decent foreign helmet next time I go to Bangkok. In the meantime I will keep riding under 40 kph (25 mph) and stick to the less crowded roads.


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