Satisfying My One Food Craving

I love peanut butter but will not eat the hydrogenated kind.  The only non-hydrogenated stuff I found in the Phils had their culture’s usual approach to food: more sugar than necessary PLUS Extra Sugar, so that didn’t satisfy and wasn’t repeated.

Kuala Lumpur had the real deal but I had to pass.  No room in the big suitcase and didn’t want it in my soft-sided carry-on because it might break or not make it through security. 

I expected the local supermarket that carries foreign goodies for foreigners to have real peanut butter.  It didn’t until a few weeks ago.  Sticker shock subsided before I was done shopping.  I gladly paid 225 B ($ 7.00) for a one pound jar with the following ingredient: 100% organic dry roasted peanuts.

The jar is almost empty, but I won’t be buying any more.  It seems that stopping peanut butter cold turkey has cured me of the habit.  Or perhaps the lack of proper substrate (something to spread peanut butter on) has kept my need in check.  But if I ever find Orowheat Wheatberry bread and the same type of bananas sold in the states …


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