“Customers go [went] home.”

There were no customers when I entered Lucky Restaurant, my favorite breakfast place. Couple of times a week I settle in for an American style breakfast, the Bangkok Post, flirting with one of the waitresses and sometimes conversation with one of the other regulars. A girl came by to see what I wanted (Menu? I don’t need no stinkin’ menu.) and I asked why the place was empty. “Customers go home.” she replied. The low season now seems more like the dead season.

Tourist population has dropped in steps. Why it has happened that way is beyond my grasp. All I know is on some Mondays there are noticeably fewer tourists in town – and it stays like that. Businesses have responded by cutting back the days or hours they are open. What am I still doing here? Oh, that’s right: I live here – for now at least.

But I intended to travel. Really. There’s a train station in town and every long distance bus going north or south stops here. I’ve got a carry-on good for a four night trip, three atm cards, two guidebooks and I can’t think of anything that rhymes with ‘partridge’. I also have inertia. As in zero inertia. You know, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Always been a procrastinator. I thought that getting older, realizing the finite number of years, months and days left in this deteriorating body would help overcome the procrastination motivation.


But I have ideas of what I want to do. Snorkeling at is first on the list. I did 20 laps in the pool two days ago so I should be able to handle it. There is a national park down the coast in Pranburi. Close enough to do in a day trip on a scooter if it wasn’t the hottest part of the year. Koh Saumi is a major tourist destination but the island has much less hectic places where foreigners have settled. I should visit so I can compare it to HH.

It would make me look better if I ended this by saying I have already opened the guidebook and reread the parts about the places I want to go. But it would be both truthful and in character to say I’ve only added it to my TO DO list.


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