Looking at Apartments

There are things about my place that I don’t like. The sofa is uncomfortable and neither of the two chairs matches well with the height of the desk. The air conditioning causes temperature swings that sometimes wakes me up. I’m also paying about 2500 – 3000 baht ($ ~75 – 100) more a month than comparable places in the area.

Two days hunting confirmed what I suspected. I could get lower rent, a larger room, more storage space and a smaller, inferior bathroom by giving up the pool, view, elevator and walking distance to the ocean. That’s a no brainer decision. I stopped hunting and stashed my notes on the places I liked best.


One Response to Looking at Apartments

  1. […] month ago I concluded it was a no brainer to stay where I am. I resumed looking to see the range of what was available because if I decide to stay in Hua Hin […]

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