Wat Huay Mongkol, Part 2

I’ve seen smaller college campuses. The Wat is in a park-like setting about 20 km (12 miles) from Hua Hin. We rode there under heavy clouds which promised rain, but my main concern was arriving before it got too dark for photography.

End of the day during the low season while thunder rumbles in the distance and rain seems likely was a perfect time for a quiet visit. We saw maybe 10 visitors, a few guards and some monks. The peace was accented by the occasional wind chimes and music that could have been called ‘Music for Meditation’.

We wandered the paths among the monuments, along the pond’s shore, across a footbridge to an island, noticed birds and fish, all to music that made me want to sit down and absorb it all.

But the fading day urged me to move and shoot photos. Certainly not the best use of mood, place and company, but man, the light was great. After thinking it couldn’t get better, the first firefly appeared.

I shall return. Part of me wants to go there at sunrise for the photo op, another part wants to choose another drizzly afternoon so I can sit someplace quiet to Be Here Now.


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