Found a New Apartment

A month ago I concluded it was a no brainer to stay where I am. I resumed looking to see the range of what was available because if I decide to stay in Hua Hin during the coming high season, I don’t want to be in the current place because of price and traffic.

Viewing other rooms made me realize what I was doing without: space, storage space, desk space, a big bed. It also clarified what I was putting up with: a sofa designed by the same people who make airport chairs impossible to sleep in, traffic noise when the balcony door is open, a new set of next door neighbors every weekend, and having to prop open the front door to get flow through ventilation.

So, starting next month I’ll have to ride to the beach instead of walk and I’ll pay a day use fee to do my 30 minute swim workout. I will miss jumping in the pool when I get home in the afternoon.

The new place is larger everywhere except the balcony. It has windows (that open!) on three walls. No direct sunlight hits the exterior walls of the rooms, which should allow me to continue my habit of using air con only for sleeping. It’s located about 1 km (.6 mile) inland from the current apartment on a minor road. One nice thing about being in a neighborhood that isn’t a strip of mostly resort hotels and condos is that all sorts of routine needs (street food stands, laundry, ATM, 7/11, restaurants, net cafe, gasoline) are much closer.

4 Responses to Found a New Apartment

  1. Ellen says:

    ? Not clear whether you are going to pay the day use fee and continue your daily swim. ???

    • fourletternerd says:

      I’m giving up the daily afternoon brief swim (and cannonball practice). I will continue the 2 or 3 times a week 30 minute workout.

  2. Ellen says:

    Got it. Good that you are keeping the 30-minute workouts. Plus you are also doing a lot of walking, correct?

    • fourletternerd says:

      Nope, the swim workouts have mostly replaced the walking workouts. I do climb stairs, but that’s about to end.

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