The Computer Gods Shower Me With Happiness

I can’t imagine anyone reading this post cares in the slightest about the news, but perhaps my first choice for the title conveys how I feel: “oh God, oh GOD, OH GOD — YES! YES!! YES!!!.

After almost two years the manufacturers of my netbook have released a new version of the operating system. It’s called OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 1. ‘Release Candidate 1’ is tech speak meaning they really think it’s ready for prime time but want to wait for feedback from the first installers.

The Linux core jumps from Fedora 7 to Fedora 11 which means I can now upgrade all the software I’ve installed and install some that wouldn’t run on the current OS.

Best of all, the official announcement said: “We’re going to aim for a final release in around two weeks from now, and then immediately start on a 10.1.3 release with more feature additions. We didn’t want new feature work to hold back the 10.1.2 release from XO-1 users waiting for a signed Fedora 11 release.”

And it don’t cost nothin’.

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