Thai Fishermans Pants

Backpackers wearing Fisherman Pants were a common sight on my earlier Thai vacations. Haven’t seen many this time, probably because Hua Hin is not on that particular tourist trail.

You know how it is when a figure – ground illusion suddenly pops? For example, in the photo below the first time you realized there were both faces and a vase?

Had a similiar experience when photographing fishermen unloading fishing boats. Don’t know how many times I’d shot the same process but yesterday was the first time I realized that almost all of them were wearing Fishermans Pants. Until then I’d thought the garment was a revival or repurposing of a historical garment.

For what it’s worth, most of the workers in the Thai fishing industry these days are from Burma. It’s hard, unpleasant, low paying work so only foreigners want the jobs.

The pants are 199 baht (~$6) at the local Mall.

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