Less Visited Local Sights

When I’ve asked about which local sights are not worth visiting, two Buddhist ‘locations'(1) sometimes are mentioned. Neither place was very interesting from my photographic viewpoint. Both sites were elevated but offered very limited views.

What was worthwhile was how quiet and empty both were. Went on a Saturday morning, saw no foreigners and a total of three other visitors. Good spots for meditation. I enjoyed the quiet. Didn’t shoot many photos, which is good because often slipping into photog mode detaches me from appreciation of the other aspects of a place.

Khao Sa Naam Chai is on top of a rocky outcrop. Perfect place to get a view of Khao Takiab if the mountain top wasn’t so heavily vegetated. It did have some interesting architectural detail.

At the other location the greenery obstructs the view of the buildings.

This temple complex on Soi 116 sits on a hillside, its easternmost building visible by anyone passing on the main north-south road 1.5 kms away. That’s a better view than from up close because the building sits on top of an undistinguished base, which means neck craning to see it. Plus the vegetation limits points of view.

(1) I don’t know the technical term. They’re not called Wats and the names give little clue. They have Shrines, monks and beautiful buildings housing statues of The Buddha.

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