1 Year Visa Extension Granted

The Kingdom of Thailand has granted me a one year visa extension. The best part of the process is that for some unknown reason (and I have to spell this funny in case she searches the net for the nick name given to her by foreigners) ‘The Dr agonL a dy’ did not ask me for the usual 4000 baht (~ $130) ‘solution’ to whatever problem, real or imagined, that I had with my application.

In the short-term that means I don’t have to make a visa run to a neighboring country in two weeks. The extension is about half the cost of a visa run. Requesting it was a no-brainer because I qualified by being over 55 with adequate finances.

What does it mean in the long run? I have to report to immigration every 90 days, but that’s a trivial bother. Leaving the country and coming back requires a re-entry permit to keep the visa valid. That is also trivial except for the cost.

Right now, my plans for staying long-term are … gee, I don’t know. Everything I learned about the one year extension indicated I’d get one. Doesn’t mean I actually planned what to do with it beyond not going to Penang in September. Still have to see what Hua Hin is like during the high season. Given the economy and how tourism has dropped because of the Red Shirt protest violence maybe the season won’t be so high.


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