My First Vegemite Sandwich

Can’t remember if I knew what Vegemite was before Men At Work sang about it in 1981. Until a few days ago I knew it’s taste only by reputation. What does it taste like? Bad enough that people prank their soon to be former friends into tasting it – and record the results for posterity. It’s a strong, salty taste when taken by itself. But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be eaten. The classic presentation is on buttered toast.

I bought a tube as part of my quest to find sources for the vitamins and minerals found in whole grains that are absent in white rice. Also picked up a jar of tahini (sesame butter) just for the nutrition. I tried tahini many years ago and have avoided it since. After tasting Vegemite and butter I decided I needed to match the malty yeast paste with something a little stronger. Tahini and Vegemite on rye bread is good!


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