Rescued a Dog

I was enjoying the view from the hilltop temple at Khao Krailas when I heard water plops. “Is that the fish jumping?” I thought. Multiple fishponds were scattered across the hilltop, including some just below me. Didn’t give it any more thought because I had to pass the ponds when heading down.

Came around to the east side of the temple and shot the picture below just to show its location relative to the temple on another hill-top which I’d been to before.

I didn’t notice the wet deck by the pond or the dog hanging on the edge.

Photo timestamps show the dog went in the water between 2:59 and 3:02, which is when the above was taken.

“Plop, plop, plop, plop”. Heard it again when descending. Too loud and rhythmic to be fish. Four plops, about 10 seconds of silence, then four more. The silences were growing longer by the time I turned the corner and saw one big tired dog hanging on the side of the pool by his forelegs.

Walked straight to the dog then hesitated. His eyes were wide and he was panting heavily. Getting bit because the dog didn’t like the way I was lifting him wasn’t appealing. Hadn’t seen or heard another person while wandering around the temple grounds so going for help seemed like the worse choice.

Squatted next to the pooch and he barely acknowledged me. Moved closer, stroked his head and still he was passive. Good enough for me. Between the size of the dog and the depth of the pond there was no way I could lift him by the back legs without going into the water. Sorry big guy, but this might hurt a bit. His body was hanging vertically, so I grabbed him with a hand on each side of the bottom of the rib cage, lifted him high enough so that part of his weight was on the concrete and my leg then reached down with one hand to get a back leg and gave a big heave-ho.

The pooch was dead weight, neither helping or hindering me. He collapsed where I had pulled him, dropped his head on his front legs and just panted for about a minute. Checked out the hind paw closest to me and saw he’d rubbed a toe raw and was bleeding from a spot about 1/4″ across. He lifted his head and showed some spark in his eyes, so I stepped back and took this photo at 3:05.

Another minute passed, then he stood, wobbled for a few steps, shook off the water and walked away. I sort of expected him to come to where I was sitting to give me a doggie thank you.


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