I Sure Hope The Weather Forecast Is Wrong

The Thai government weather site today says that for the next 7 days: Active monsoon trough …. causes torrential rain and heavy to very heavy falls many places in the lower central, eastern and upper southern Thailand.

Here is the daily rainfall predictions for the next week, averaged over two sites:

Sat: 18cm
Sun: 14cm
Mon: 24cm
Tues: 87cm
Wed: 16cm
Thur: 36cm
Fri: 20cm

Let’s see, 2.54 cm per inch. Hey, 7 inches tomorrow doesn’t sound so bad. The 34 inches predicted for Tuesday has me a bit concerned. I don’t know if I should rent a kayak, buy a waterproof camera or just stock up on everything. Good time to have a second floor apartment. At least the terrain has zero potential for landslide both where I live and upslope for several kilometers.

Couldn’t decide what tags to use for this post. ‘Ark?’ and ‘Shit about to hit fan’ both came to mind.


One Response to I Sure Hope The Weather Forecast Is Wrong

  1. […] state the rainfall predictions are in ‘mm’ (millimeters) and I frothed at the mouth, describing them in cm (centimeters). No wonder the floods of biblical proportions did not appear. But we did get 126.2 MM, which is a […]

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