I Voted Today

It’s less than a month to the 2010 midterm elections so I did zero procrastination in turning around the absentee ballot which arrived yesterday. It’s simple to register to vote and request an absentee ballot by mail. Slow, but simple. And expensive, what with express envelopes crossing the Pacific three times. My last residence was in Nevada. Seemed like a good idea to vote there as part of keeping ties to the state because of its lack of a state income tax.

I was a customer of a mail forwarding service that had a Nevada address among their possible addresses to choose from. But they changed their business model so I switched to one in Florida because it had the most attractive mail options. They also provide to their customers info on how to legally get a Florida drivers license, vehicle registration and voter registration. FL does not have state income tax, so I’m now a resident and a registered voter.

It’s a little weird voting in a state that I haven’t set foot in over 40 years. I’m also a little disappointed that the ballot had to be marked with a pen. There was no way to make chad, hanging or otherwise.


3 Responses to I Voted Today

  1. Ellen says:

    Florida doesn’t have an income tax but it has (or used to have) an ad valorem tax on financial assets.

    • fourletternerd says:

      My searches turned up current ad valorem taxes only on real property and it’s related intangibles. However, I know you’ve forgotten more about tax law than I’ve ever known.

  2. Ellen says:

    Right now I am way too tired to look anything up… but ISTR there was a tax on financial assets. I used to prepare my aunt’s tax returns and we had to pay tax on her Florida bank accounts. The assets in the trust her son managed for her were exempt because the trust was domiciled in Massachusetts.

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