October Transitions

Small dragonflies appeared one day, the first I’d seen since arriving. Larger ones follow a few days later, now I’m glad my helmet has a visor. Rain is rarely a shower that passes, one that can be waited out by seeking shelter. Now it’s rumbling black sky relentlessly advancing, preceded by cool wind. Waiting one of these out means a food supply, a place to sleep, and wondering where Toto is. Temperatures have dropped and not just during the storms. I run the air con at night to mask the noise of the al fresco eatery across the street that is usually filled with happy sounds and music when I turn in. Last night was the first time I hit the on button and saw the displayed room temperature was a degree lower than my thermostat setting.

It’s now making more sense to add to my pile of stuff because the next move will probably not be for a while, and when it is it probably will not be by airplane. After I tally expenses at the end of a month and once again am not surprised to see I’ve spent less than budgeted, I find my self more often thinking about quality of life. Only reason I didn’t buy a DVD player yesterday was it was raining by the time I finished researching the models online. I’ve narrowed my camera hunt down to two models, but want to wait until Canon brings to Thailand a model that rolled out to most of their world last month. I’m thinking about speaking with the landlord about adding a screen door to the balcony door.

This picture has nothing to do with October transitions. I just like it. About a hundred school children sat down near me to wait for whatever was going to happen next. I don’t remember any field trips to shopping malls when I was in grade school.

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