What Do You See In This Photo?

I see a support base made out of rebar. The designer/builder knew that extending the legs at right angles increased the stability without increasing the base’s area. Given how windy it usually is in Hua Hin, a base needs to be stable. Given how space is usually at a premium in a commercial setting, a base needs to be compact. Use this base in an American mall and the time before somebody complains about the swastika would probably be most accurately measured in minutes.

English language publications in Thailand operate with the same freedom from political correctness as the businessman who uses support bases that some might see as swastikas. The Bangkok Post has news and articles written by reporters in Thailand and reprinted from English newspapers. On any given day there are articles written by Thais that describe sex based roles in the same manner that US papers did in the 60s. Last Sunday’s edition contained two English articles that showed the range of viewpoints as well as any two I’ve yet seen. An article about a spay and neuter clinic described what stray male dogs do to stray bitches as ‘rape’, while an article about the rescued Chilean miners used the phrase ‘natural machismo’.

Somewhat related is that I’ve noticed expats in Thailand are much less likely than those in the Phils to make public their political leaning shortly after meeting someone, or to total strangers. When it does happen, it’s surprising. The other day a sporting event on TV ended. A waitress reached for the remote and somebody asked ‘Can you put on the news?’ to which someone said, much louder, ‘Don’t put it on any station owned by Rupert Murdoch’. Some just stared at him for a moment before going about their business. I’d bet the waitress didn’t have a clue what he meant.


One Response to What Do You See In This Photo?

  1. Peishushu says:

    The swastika is an ancient Buddhist (and Hindu) symbol for good fortune–different cultural references here…

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