Where Do You Take Naps?

One and a half kilometers from my apartment a small soi (side street) ends at the beach. If you’re driving or riding down the main north-south road looking for a soi that goes to the beach, you’re not going to see this one until it’s too late. The end of the soi is narrow with a three story building on one side and a wall overhung by trees on the other. I’ve always found a shady place to park the bike, but that may change during high season.

That three story building has a tall and broad tree on the front of it’s property. The two combine to put a portion of the beach in shade for most of the afternoon, a rarity in Hua Hin. A small business thrives in the shade. There is a kitchen, bar and about 18 beach lounge chairs, complete with umbrellas to fill in the gaps in the shade.

It’s a simple formula for me. Eat a late lunch, ride to this shady spot, order a beer or a soft drink with plenty of sugar, pull out a boring book and pretty soon it’s usually snoozy time.

No, I’m not going to say what the soi number is.

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