Bought a Camera

The actually purchase was the easiest part. Deciding what to buy had me bouncing all over the product space map. At first I figured I’d get a simple point & shoot (p&s) to replace 5 year old one that died. Cameras and the computer bits inside them evolve so I kept reading about one more feature I just had to have. One look at the price would send me back to p&s land. Besides, life on the road (when I’m actually on the road) is hard on electronics and expensive cameras are theft targets.

So I tried another approach. Start with what I like to shoot and pick the camera for that. I won’t bore you with how many different models that lead me to researching, except that all seemed deficient in at least one area.

Started with a new, simpler list of requirements that evolved and sharpened as I read more about various cameras. It came down to pocket sized, fast lens (better in dim light), above average image quality, designed to make manual control of shutter speed and aperture easy, with a bright viewfinder from a reputable manufacturer that has been making cameras since well before the digicam era. The answer was obvious, but it took me another month to become OK with the price. I bet some take to living off savings easier than others.

The camera, if you’re curious, is a Canon PowerShot S95

Oh, I think I got lucky on having the camera come from Bangkok the day after I requested it. Walked into the store today and instantly saw it was delivery day.

New cameras were stacked just as high on the other side of the store.


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