This Blog Sucks

Which also means this blogger sucks. Been reading blogs of foreigners who live in Latin America. By comparison, this blog sucks. Also sucks by comparison to the tech blogs I read regularly. Makes me wonder if I should join those who don’t blog because they know their blog would suck.

Not a chance. I once posted here that one of my first ideas for a blog title was ‘Expecting Zero Readers Since 2008’. This is my record, if anybody else finds it useful then good for them.

Bad mood lately (oh really?). Tweaked my back a few weeks ago and it’s been slower than usual to untweak. Was planning on doing some sort trips during Nov. Because of the back I didn’t want to be haul around my backpack carry-on, or have to sit for long periods of time in bus and train seats not of my choosing. I’ve healed to where I can safely do stretches, so I hope to hit the road a week from now.

Now for some misc. stuff that wouldn’t warrant being posted even if I was in the mood to try for some non-sucky writing.

Very few places have hot air hand dryers. Most of them I use now stay on 3 – 5 times longer per button push. High season tourists have higher standards, I guess.

A foreigner who married a Thai bought a bar and put it in her name for tax purposes. She and her boyfriend gave him the boot. The bar went up for sale the next day. The bar is in an area frequented mostly by local expats so every time I go past, the place has zero customers. [Update Dec 13: First the bar staff disappeared, leaving one middle aged Thai woman attending to the empty bar. Then one day noticed it was closed during evening prime time. It hasn’t reopened since.]

In a incident which may have a related theme, a foreigner is reported to have intentionally stopped his car in front of an oncoming train. Three facts are beyond dispute: The train hit the car, he died, and his girlfriend, who was in the car, survived.

Saw two geezers fighting in a German restaurant/bar. Heard some menacing words, then a crash, and looked up to see a 60+ year old man standing over an 70+ year old man on the floor. The pusher asked him ‘Why you still come here?’.

My research on Latin America keeps turning up places with bad air pollution. At least that’s what the expats report, as few countries have any air pollution measuring stations. Searching for the name of a city and ‘pm2.5’ returns the short-term scientific studies. There are Colombian cities in Andean valleys that exceed some WHO air quality standards by 1000s (yes, thousands) of percent.

English speaking Thais often drop the last sound of a word. Schweppes soda, for example, is ‘cha-wep’, airport is ‘airpor’.

Sometimes I cross paths with a group of 5 – 8 men when I go to breakfast. Their conversations have energy, but not that of one person trying to dominate the conversation. They smile, greet and part with warmth and seem generally just damn glad to be alive today. Thought they were from the same church until I saw the triangle in a circle logo on a key chain.

I’m having fun with the new camera. I realized when I started using a darkroom 28 years ago that image post processing could be addicting. Never set up a home darkroom mostly for that reason. Now I have the Linux equivalent of Photoshop and am trying real hard not to learn more now that I know how to crop, resize and sharpen. Ok, so I adjusted brightness and contrast once. Twice actually, but adjusted color intensity only once – if I remember correctly.


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