Nine Months of Thai Food

Jeeze, it doesn’t seem like 9 months.

I usually do not get the urge to eat what is called here ‘European’ food. Maybe because it’s European and not American. Maybe it’s because I was a decent cook and it’s too easy to find fault with things I’m familiar with. Maybe it’s because Thai food is so damn good.

A steak dinner works it’s way to the front of consciousness about once a week mostly because of my diagnosis of borderline anemia a year ago. I want some iron in cow form to compliment my iron pills. Pizza urge strikes less often. There are enough places that do it Italian style to keep me happy with the quality and variety.

I enjoy German and Swedish food, the Italian not so much. Then again I didn’t eat much Italian in the states after I became deeply involved in two cookbooks of regional Italian cooking.

It’s easier to make sure I get enough veggies each day by eating Thai food. Most places have stir fried veggies on the menu but that is too much to add to the large portions of a European meal.

I used to eat green leafy vegetables 2 or 3 times a week when I had a kitchen, but don’t eat much of them here because most places seem to serve the leafy parts to the Thais and the stalks to the foreigners. Either that or they’re served with oyster sauce (ugh) or way too much garlic. So I bought a 1 quart water boiler and a plastic tub. Clean the greens in the tub, drain, pour boiling water over them and let steep long enough to soften. Sprinkle on a little vinegar, chow down and that shuts up the nutrition nag that sits on my right shoulder.

Almost every Tuesday afternoon I visit the Swedish bakery when they reopen for the week to see what’s new and fresh. Screw you, nutrition nag.

The photo below is a typical meal at a place frequented by Thais and foreigners and located outside the tourist district. Big pile of white rice, which I usually only eat half of, stir fried pork seasoned with basil and medium hot peppers, an egg mostly for the nutrition not found in other foods and a pile of stir fried veggies. One hundred twenty baht (~$4) including tip.


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