Monkey Business

Pulled open the curtains and saw less morning haze than usual. There is a seaside Buddhist statue group that faces the sunrise I’ve been wanting to photograph but either the light was too hazy or I woke up too late. Today the light wasn’t right but I needed to get my ass out of bed so I went.

Many monkeys live at Khao Takiab and they have no fear of humans. Saw small groups on the road up. Most of them were grooming while the little ones played.

Upon reaching the car park I see I’m both too late and the light, as expected, is too hazy. I snap one, remove my shoes and climb the stairs, watching out to not step in the monkey poo.

At the top of the stairs a monkey looks at me then heads down the stairs. I immediately think of the stories about monkey thieves and turn back to see if he’s already grabbed my shoes. Nope, he was more interested in my scooter, the only vehicle in the lot.

He pulled out a plastic bag, some used Kleenex and a water bottle, all of which he dropped by the bike. Maybe monkeys don’t steal shoes. The stores here that have foreigner sized shoes only carry wide widths. Next time I have leave my footwear unattended it will be some cheap sandals.


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