Destination Research: Change of Focus

I was discussing South American cities with a new neighbor. Two of his favorite places are on my list. He confirmed my suspicion that the air was pretty crappy in both cities. “Why do you want to go somewhere else?”, he asked, “Thailand is easy.”

Planning to leave Thailand is like trying to find the motivation to get out of bed after waking up. Yes, there are things I could be doing, perhaps should be doing. One could say I’m wasting time but, dammit, this is comfortable and everything else can wait. Thailand is easy.

Lacking motivation to move on has been one of my life patterns: diving into something I’ve been wanting to try, enjoying the steep part of the learning curve, staying with it until it’s as comfortable as my favorite pair of jeans then fulfilling the urge to try the next enticing thing on my my mental bucket list. Never had any problems with that pattern. Still don’t. But I never manufactured the items I wanted to try or the urge to do so. See no reason to change the pattern now.

That said, I been looking into a short trip. Fly to Singapore for a few days, overnight bus to Kuala Lumpur, take the ‘jungle train’ to Kota Baru, Malaysia and stay a day or two, then a couple overnight stops in Southern Thailand on my way home.


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